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Built on the Longboard Girls Crew pillars of Empowerment, Community, Diversity and Inspiration, we are launching a brand new festival that offers both fun/active skate-related activities AND opportunities to reflect, learn, inspire and empower each other.


This is a space idealised and made by women, and OPEN FOR ALL. Instead of calling people out, we believe impactful change happens when we call people in. Call your friends, and come push for change with us. 

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Our passion for skating is what connects and brings us together.  No matter our background, age, or skate discipline we practice, we all know the stoke and good vibes our sport brings into our lives. 


Barcelona is an extremely skate friendly city and we've crafted a new festival format with unique venue spaces that will offer multiple opportunities to be active.
This won't be your typical skate event, we promise. 



Our festival is an invitation for you to challenge your beliefs and immerse yourself in new sources of inspiration. From our experience building community in 60+ countries around the world for over 13 years, we quickly learned that skating is way more than a sport, it's a tool for change.


Our festival will bring together disruptive speakers for inspirational talks, empowering teachers for a diverse set of workshops, and independent films that will touch your heart. Are you ready?

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We know the beauty and power in the skate scene is connection. Are you thinking of coming alone?

You won’t feel it.


Our goal is to help you finish the weekend having met interesting, curious and loving souls, and leave with new friendships

across the world.


And last but not least, a festival wouldn't be a festival without plenty of entertainment, music, and an awesome party.  

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Push Forward Festival is proudly idealized, created and hosted by Longboard Girls Crew.


We empower & promote girls, women and minorities in longboarding & action sports worldwide, changing the way we’ve been portrayed and perceived by society and ourselves. 


Since our beginnings in 2010, we got thousands of people of all genders into the sport and shifted the perception that longboarding is a sport for men. We have changed the longboard industry through the local communities we've built, the films we've released, and the disruptive brand partnerships we've established.

Get to know the LGC Staff here.

LGC Values
LGC Values


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If you want to be involved as a sponsor, speaker, or workshop teacher (or any other ideas you may have), please reach out to us. We'd love to have a chat!

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